A calming sensation the world
has only felt
But has not yet achieved
The Earth will know when peace
Has truly been obtain
When there are no more pointing fingers
At the innocent and
Justice is served to the wrong doers
When weapons aren’t needed
Inside a family’s home to keep their children safe
Because humanity has lost its prudence
When the ambitions of people are not ravaged
But repaired
When society does not need to be watched over
Like a crazed convict:
If freed
Only destruction will be left behind
We fear that a tragic mistake will be made
And have therefor lost all trust
In the human race
But we have learned that one being
Cannot grant peace to the whole world by one’s self
For they need allies to
Assist them in their quest
Everyday battles are fought
In hope that peace will be attained
Troops die on the front line
First responders put the citizens of goodwill first
Parents protect their young
All of this is done to bring peace
For the next in line
Hoping that violence and inequalities
can be thrown aside
and everyone will be comforted with
the welcoming wings of peace

-- Isa V., 9th-12th Grade