Dispensation of a Life

A pinwheel life - vibrant, luminous, unfettered, uninhibited, spinning onward, cardinal directions, adventures anew...
Connection, Heaven alights on terra firma, God’s face caressing sun’s rays, celestial mysteries beckoning seductively, heartbeat pounding divinity itself as it flows in the veins of it’s own...
“I welcome you, “ proclaims SACRED, “Child of Beauty, Child of Purpose, Child of Boldness I claim you as my own!”

The lost life - wherefore the path of destruction? Wandering concentrically beyond innocences’ parameters - slipping, breached, illusion embellished, exaggerated falsity lacking the integrity of it’s own presumption, beholding only to it’s own end
Destination unknown, intrinsic compass awry, perilous landscape, alight on twisted branches of flailing...pity! grounding prohibited
Prayers of hope floundering, Heaven’s light dims - it’s reservoir of grief ruminates of it’s sting, angels be still - waiting...earnestness compounded by darkness of pain

The redemptive life - divergent, circuitous path, looming precipice of my undoing...lost, so lost! SACRED’s tears fall into tracks of emptiness, SACRED gently, urgently, taps my spirit...unbridled knowingness - ancient, permeates my consciousness, has but one prerogative, underpinnings of life, death, and in-between pulsate in this moment, reverberating eon’s echo, compassion, drink, Heaven’s Cup beckons, divine nectar flows from the Hand of God sweeping, a brutal journey, sanctioned dries on Heaven’s Watch, angels’ joy unleashed, uncontained
SACRED insists “Follow, cling to this holiest of decrees, Child of Beauty, Child of Purpose, Child of Boldness - my lap is your destination, Sanctity is your pedigree...I claim you as my own!

--Lorraine E., Adult