Change Your Standards

Who am I?
It’s a question I ask myself all too often
I don’t really know.
What defines me?

Too often we define ourselves by things that don’t matter
The number on the scale
The amount of followers we have

But I don’t want to be defined by all that
I want to be defined by what is eternal

I want to be defined by my kindness
Not by how I looked
My patience
Not my ability to be the loudest
My loyalty
Not my popularity
My mysteriousness
Not your ability to “get” me

See, I’m not trying to be remembered by your standards
I want to be remembered by the standards that really matter

It’s no use looking at the number on the scale
Because if you’re honest with yourself
You’ll never be happy with it

It’s no use checking your following
Because it’ll never be enough for you

It’s no use trying to be the best of the best
There will always be someone better
The only person to truly beat is yourself

Social Media will pass away
The ideal body type will always be changing
There will always be someone who’s smarter

Don’t try to be the best version of who they say you are
Be the best version of y.o.u.

What they say doesn’t matter.
In the end they aren’t you.
You are.
And you know the truth.
Not them.

Don’t believe the lies
You are your own truth

It’s time to change your standards.

-- Nyanza W., 9th-12th Grade