A Ride Home from School

There’s a beam of light breaking through the sky like an angel descending from the heavens. The cars all Crowd each awaiting to reach their own destination. Sonder. The road markings like twisted pythons. There is light, for it is the late afternoon there are clouds and the sun is out but it is dark. The trees sprinkle the sides of the road with their leaves. Everything is falling, the leaves the temperature, the sun, my patience, it’s fall. Calm and unnerving. It’s peaceful sitting on the car with headphones. It feels so small, so many people, so many things, and you’re just one small part of a greater story. It’s so peaceful it becomes unnerving because you’re stuck with you’re mind that’s left to wander and stress over the countless times things that must be done when I get home but then you admire the angel in the sky and let the music drown your thoughts, and for a moment it all just fades away.

-- Mariam E., 9th-12th Grade