Your Own Self Rising

Have you heard the quote "Being lonely doesn't mean your all alone you can be in a room full of people and still feel lonely!" K-Wiebster.

It's not you in general no it is the state of mind.
Putting yourself in a corner of low self worth or low self confidence.
And not how you see yourself with your own eyes, but how you see yourself though your own thoughts.
The thoughts that blind your eyes like clouds blocking the glistening sun.
But like all clouds blocking the shimmering sun it will lift, but before the dark clouds leave it must face the anger of a storm and the tears of rain.
Like participation you will fall but in your own way at your own time you will evaporate and rise.
It's the journey that leads you to clarity with in yourself step by step.
Until you realize just how important you truly are to society.
This is only a wake up call a life lesson to always listen not to your mind and heart but to your soul.
And hey you might just be surprised at what you find.

--Janell H., 3rd-6th Grade