Why Me?

Honestly and integrity I strive for everyday, but is that what people really want from me? I do my best to help those I surround with good deeds, but when something goes wrong the answer is always to blame thee.

I am voted by my peers to lead the group or organizational meeting. When I try my best to carry out my duties, I am not always met with the nicest greeting.

I trudge on trying even harder to do my best, hoping at day's end I can truly rest. Why is it people are concentrating on me, when all I want is to carry on and not flee. I don't need to be praised or complimented all day long. I just want to know I am cared for and truly do belong.

I sometimes feel flat and defeated by those who words try to deflate me. I have to take time to clear my mental mind, so I can continue to serve all who are kind.

Writing it down makes it more clear especially with people around me who are so very dear. Knowing this my life moves on continuing to work, overcoming any obstacles now and throughout the year.

--Joyce H., Adult