Where I am From

I am from I-phone

From Apple and Nike

I am from the brown white house that is clean amazing and shiny

It tastes and smells like Clorox and Mexican food

I am from the bed that is lazy and is red and white

I’m from the Cheerios and dinner

Mario Alley Quentin

I’m from Gold and Silver

From when I was a child I was named Curly because of my hair and shorty because how short I was.

I’m from the Catholic Church from when I was baptize to singing with the chorus

I’m from Fresno burritos and tacos

From the dad that watch’s TV very loud day and night

My grandpa is an old hard working man that likes to sleep.

I’m from Fresno age 18 my full name is Jason Antonio Torres.

-- Jason T., 9th-12th Grade