Over 100 years old, left to dust

Amidst knick knacks and old

Mothballed suits, abandoned but now


From store to store, owner to owner

Reader to reader, hand to hand.

From one place to the next. Witness of

Two Great Wars beginning and ending,

Holocaust, Civil Rights,

Cars, Computers, Vaccines.

 You have seen and experienced

the best and worst of humanity.

A life many have not

Nor ever will have.

The neat cursive within

Yellowed pages marked

With faded scribblings

Questions burning within you

Musings written from the heart

Annotations, marked quotes,

Saved passages, personal notes.

For them to write so much within your spaces

Lists, names, places, and Dreams

Important to someone, once

long ago.

How much they loved you,

To write others work within your

Once pristine self

Their weakening spine, matching yours,

Together you aged, but you were lost

 Now found again and

Finally resting.




-living friends who love me?

dear ones gone above me

Careless of other fame

I leave to you my name.


--Joseph L, Adult