The Rock Castle

My cousins and I
Found a rock castle. As explorers, we weren't shy.
You walk up a hidden dirt hill
It is not steep, and quite still.

On your right is a garden
There are flowers and grasses that didn't harden.
For the floor was made of dirt
Since it was packed down hard, it didn't ruin my shirt.

Next walk a bit farther and the lounge you'll pass
Places to sit surrounded by grass.
There you can sit on a rock
Invite your friends, here you can talk.

Then you will pass the watchtower,
Climb up the rock and it will seem you have power.
The view will show you many a type of tree
Overlooking the magical kingdom, you will see.

The King and Queen's elegant rooms
Have sunshine on the dew covered moss that keep it from gloom.
They get to sleep in a bed of pine
In a room that holds secrets, a moss covered ceiling and a tunnel shall be fine.

Next walk past the wonderful throne room,
It has pinecones as scepters and flowers that have bloomed.
A five-foot high ledge may seem to have danger
But lean back on another boulder to be safer.

Then pass the workshop, a place to build and create
A bench with lots of tools will make it great!
You'll hear the worker making elegant things
They could be making fancy rings.

The stairs are next, narrow and steep
They are dangerous, you don't want to leap.
Actually they make you slip
So you better not be quick!

Then the second watchtower you'll pass
It is like a giant, rocky, boulder mass.
Go on top to climb a stump
View the kingdom from there, and all the tiny people may look like little lumps.

In a broad, rocky place there are Knight Training grounds
There are flowers, but they make no loud sounds.
The knights in training practice here
But they make sure the enemies aren't there.

A beautiful, fun, and magical place
It will not change, please don't leave a trace.

--Claire S., 3rd-6th Grade