Quiet Noise

All I want is a minute to myself, QUIET during the day. Instead all there is, is

NOISE. The morning comes with my alarm blaring, the coffee running, and the news on, screaming the headlines. There is no time for a

quiet reflection. Maybe there, in a meadow, to sit and meditate. Deep breaths, in and out. The soft grass absorbing all my

NOISe. Work is stressful with endless meetings and the ding of my reminders every hour. The phones ring and ring, until five. Then all is finally

Quiet. Like a hike through the hills, with only the gentlest of breezes shifting through the branches above. Alone, finally, with my thoughts to cancel out the

NOIse. The clinking of glasses as the music thumps above me at this happy hour. Friends laughing, giggling, with drunken hugs at the end of the night. A night that is

QUiet with a full moon above. Looking down on us, gentle in its wisdom as we howl to it. Never does it mind the

NOise. Day comes with errands and yet… the shopping is done with a solemn air. Cart full for the future. Alone. A new

QUIet is heard, just as the heavens open and the rain falls. Lightening brightens the sky. Deafening thunder cracks as the

Noise vibrates through the house. A low hum of a television plays as the second, no fourth, no tenth show starts, with the volume down at a

QUIEt level. The concrete jungle is now alive only with the singing of birds as they call out to one another. Loud with the

Noise of their speech. Only to be calmed with a slice of bread. Baked fresh this morning, like yesterday, like tomorrow, like every day where the

QUIET is now filled. What was once a meadow is now a waterfall drowning into a hole, so deep that it lets out a mournful sound.

I never thought I would miss my noise so very much.

--Leslie Q., Adult