Note To Self

Diamonds are forged under pressure, Gold is tempered by flame:

Character’s forged in the hardships of life, and experience tempers and trains. Life is not that complicated, but it’s sure as heck not a game.
If you give every minute the attention that it deserved, you will see that things can be changed.  You are in control of your paths, that’s your privilege as well as your right… You have the power to stand up right now and take control of your life. Don’t ever let yourself be content to let others dictate your moves.  You are king of your hill, you have every resource to decide if you will win or lose.
Do lift up your head and stand up straight. Keep striving in pursuit of your dreams… You are royalys banner so conduct yourself in that manner and show the whole world you are a King/Queen!

I know it’s not easy and it’s just not that simple- nothing in life ever is, but how much you get in return for your effort is determined by how much you give.
If the truth were told you have a beautiful mind, but im not sure how much of it you see…because it’s hard to determine when you don’t understand the waters of beauty run deep.

Sometimes in life you will have to sacrifice, take your time...There is no need to rush it. That’s the beauty of living…when you listen, look, and learn you will witness the power of determination, motivation and self.

--Preston S., Adult