I SEE sickness & death...homeless & jobless...clueless entitled politicians.
I SEE people wondering if the have a job, as hardships mount daily, children starving globally.
I SEE the markets crashing... Financial chaos is on the brink.
I SEE concern and despair on everyone's faces through the masks that they have on.
I SEE myself now... an unsure, insecure and over privileged complainer.
I SEE long hair... don't care, missing romance...lonely everyday.
I SEE no planes, no trains or anyone ever getting on a cruise ship ever again.
I SEE no school, no sports, no one and...I see...NO toilette paper?

But I've also seen...It's Happy Hour & Beer O'Clock every hour!...("Beer me please")

I've SEEN another completed video game screen!
I've SEEN myself becoming an extraordinary chef as I press the food delivery App button on my phone.
I've SEEN Fresno Fair food in May...forget about that beach body this summer!
I've SEEN ugly background bookshelves in tiny boxes on TV.
I've SEEN there's no mail...WAIT... Let's go check again!
I've SEEN humble families unite and strangers come work together.
I've SEEN parents work harder than ever before for their kids education.
I've SEEN that we can stay six feet apart because we don't want to be six feet under!

YOU SEE we are all in this together and we all want the same things...I see HOPE here! Stay Fresno Strong!

--Steven K., Adult