Dad I Don’t Hate You

Being born was the best day of your life you always say
You where the best father ever
The first man I knew I would love forever

You was there to teach me my abcs
Following by the 123s
Momma say no to something
I came to you for anything knowing you would say yes to everything
daddy little princess
Okay, Okay
Unless it came down to boys
You told me about the good and the bad boys
I looked at you and told you when I get older imma marry a dude just like you
Showed me how a man should treat a women just like a queen
Best feeling ever
A feeling I would feel forever

Asked me to be your date to father daughter dance
I couldn't say no to that dance
First dance from my favorite man
Man oh man
Them pictures
Smile on our faces was the cheeses
The goofy pics where the coolest
When it came down to a scar
Made sure I was always good little scar to a big scar
Always saying you know I got you
I will always protect you
Teaching me just not him will protect me
As well God is protecting me
Every night we say our prayers
Tucked me in bed saying "goodnight I love you my princess "

In reality it was all a dream
Things I had to make up
Maybe there was a reason
Use to blame myself for you not being in my life
Use to blame everyone for your disappearance in my life

Solía odiarte por no estar aquí para crear recuerdos que podría apreciar
Incluso solía decir si alguna vez te conocí
Te diría cómo me sentí realmente
Ahora soy una mujer joven que pone paredes a cada tipo que conocí
Algo de lo que a veces me arrepiento
Solo pensando que me dejaste, ¿por qué no lo harían?

Until my queen
My momma
Proved to me actions speak louder than words
I had nothing to do with you leaving
Something that I was believing
You chose to run the streets over me
When I meet you
Who knows what I will say to you

It comes down to these dudes
I know my worth
So will any dude I date will know my worth
Listen to me closely
I'm a queen
I'll find me a king
He wouldn't be nothing like you
More like the opposite of you
I don't hate you
Just something I needed to express how I felt about you
I don't hate you
I must say I turned out to be an amazing women without you

--Jasmine, Adult