The Prettiest Calves

Up above the foothills of the Sierra-Nevada
You'll find the prettiest calves this cowboy's ever seen
They're attached to the prettiest pair of ankles above the prettiest heels
I was riding north on Auberry road beyond Meadow Lakes and Mile High passed Alder Springs I came upon a stretch where the pines touch the heavens above
Ah, Mavericks I was a hunting to build me a trail herd to drive when I spied a pretty young female hanging clothes to dry
I reined in my mount just sat there and watch and gave thanks God made me a man
Well, I threw a leg over and slid off my mount to see if she would be mine
She had hair of gold, eyes of green and lips like cherry wine
She gaze up at me through wonder onus eyes and hung on my every word
I said, in exchange for something to eat I'd gladly chop her some wood
She fired up the stove as I worked up a sweat and when the meal was done I repaired the pump, patched up the roof and stacked three cords of wood
Her father returned with the setting sun to see all that I had done for three square meals and a cot in the barn he gladly offered me a job
So, the days turned to weeks and the weeks into months and over time love blossomed and boomed
Now, that gal with the prettiest calves this cowboy's seen has just agreed to become my blushing bride.

--Steve C., Adult