The Pinkest poem

Boring? Am I boring do you think? No, no, no, this can't be so, I painted my house pink!
How can this be! Am I still boring to you? I'll tell you what, I painted my front yard too.
Pink, Pink, PINK! It's all that I know and all that I think.
You just snicker, and say with a sneer, " Just your house, is that what I hear?"
so I go to the store and buy so much more.
Perhaps not enough, that's what I think!
Told you I could, told you I would, I painted the whole freaking neighborhood!
Still disappointed? How could you be?
I painted every animal, person, and tree!
Because pink is all that I know and all that I think.
I can not be boring, it can not be so. How can I be if pink is all that I know?
Once more, to the store I will go.
buying every drop of pink from here to Kyoto.
Now I've covered the world in nothing but pink. You will even see pink every time you blink.
I figured out why I'm boring, I do thing. It's because there is nothing else now, only pink.

--Ashley A., 7th-8th Grade