Saturdays gone!

Saturday where have you gone? You still
Have a name but no face, like a label without
a can. Once you contained anticipation,
now boring like the rest. Were you just
another weekday taken away by the
ravagers of this inviable war? Tiny as our
advisory is that stole you, it still held power
to take gravity’s anchor from our world.
What could a mere 24 hours mean to a
seemingly eternal virus?
Stay at home, Saturdays gone.

Truth, where have you gone? The first
casualty of all wars we know is truth. To
hear that truth we have two ears but, now
only listen with one. Silenced by fear, pride
and monetary gain, campaigns are now
shepherd over sheep. Nations trying not
to be branded villain by histories revealing
light hid, distorted, and falsified that
truth away by propagandas might.
Truth is casualty, Saturdays gone.

Sanity, where have you gone? With jobs
vanishing, bank accounts dwindling and
desperations head rearing, the question
is now when do we open doors and how
many lives do we sacrifice on the alter
of economics for it? In other words, what
is a life worth? Pity those who have to live
with those agonizing decisions.
We put a price on life, Saturdays gone.

Now with victory on the horizon, like all
grand wars this too will end, and in so teach
us about ourselves, then Saturday will dawn.

--Gary J., Adult