Lost in a Palm Grove

You wandered in the palm grove

Wherever did you go

We turned around and missed you

There was no way we could know

You sat under some shade

As a warm breeze swayed the palms

You pondered as you rested

What happened what, what went wrong

We went back and tried to find you

And you saw us look around

While you watched us from that palm grove

You knew you would not be found

You got up and started walking

Not really knowing where to head

Now the palms are all around you

You can barely see the edge

The breeze has since stopped blowing

Rays of light pierce through the trees

The scene is calm and quiet

It is time to take your leave

From afar one of us spots you

Going deeper in the woods

We shout at you to turn around

But our yelling does no good

We see you going further

Until soon you’re out of sight

All that’s left is just a palm grove

Basking in the noonday light

We lost you in that palm grove

You won’t come back again

Maybe someday we will see you

When it’s us who wander in

--Pablo G., Adult