Fruits of Winter

As the final flake of snow fades across my warm palm I can almost feel the bleak chill of the ice just before it fades away
When the subway arrives the cold wind sends an electrified chill down my spine
As the doors open i can feel the warmth coming from within
Once i get off the same feeling of cold wraps around my body as if i were an insect trapped in a web of ice
The only thing that keeps me from freezing over is the dismal sign in the distance of a cafe
As i pick up a menu a small item catches my eye
Winter fruit
At a first glance i could see it would be an array of different fruits
But as it was served to me i could tell it was much more
Its flavor confused me and made me want more
as i finished my meal and left i was still baffled by the taste of the fruit
what did it remind me of i asked myself
When i entered my dorm and turned of the lights i can still feel the welcoming chill of the winter winds
Amidst all the different emotions i lay on my bed feeling drowsed
Although the raindrops on my window keep me awake i feel as if i am asleep
And in that moment i feel as if everything is silent and gone
All that is left is me and the fruits of winter

--Cheonyeo K., 7th-8th Grade