Dear Dreamer

A dreamer has won my heart.

Not the head-in-the-clouds,

Dreaming of money

and fame type dreamer.

A Childhood arrival,

Who slipped pass the border

as an infant in the arms of a

desperate, immigrant, woman.

Geography and an arbitrary political line

Shouldn’t have determined

if you lived

Or died.

You’ve been in America

almost all your life.

You’ve accomplished many things

despite the naysayer’s strife.

You know only this land as your home

But they threaten to send you

To a country unknown.

My heart belongs to this dreamer

Hard-working, noble, and humble

And despite financial, political, and racial

adversity, still

a  grateful dreamer

We are truly soulmates.

I speak his thoughts

And he speaks mine.

I have never experienced privilege

Being on American welfare from the start.

But when the only thing

that sets us apart

Is a gov’t document,

well, it breaks my heart

Dear Dreamer,

I vow,

when we fell in love,

Your dreams became bound to mine.

And If you’re not free to dream,

Neither am I.

--Alexis R., Adult