In astronomical terms
Where have the good times gone?
Dead on pavement,
Plastic world,
I’m better than you,
Why help my neighbor I don’t know them?,
I’m in a tree-stump desert,
My enemy is the one on the other side of the thought-process,
Politically-motivated murdering,
No stars in the sky only grease,
Television in our pockets,
I’m stupid without a choice,
So are you.
Nobody really knows what they’re talking about,
Made up words,
Attacking opinions with opinions,
And facts that don’t alter our state of happiness.
Our egos are dynamos of miserable judgement,
Free-enterprise versus Under-a-ruler equality,
America—where you’re free to do what you’re told and divide amongst your brothers and sisters.
Hope the deer learn how to use guns so they can show us what it’s like to
Have power and not use it unnecessarily.
Ending lives for kicks.
Leaving families broken.
Don’t waste the meat? Why is it better dead than alive?
Building malls that close down,
Every 5 miles is repeated.
Take the time to sit outside,
Even if the rustle bustle of city-life envelops your smooth delicate ears.
Take the time to smell the plants,
Get your eyes lost in verdant thicket,
Breathe righteous air,
Even though the land is altered and privatized,
Jump into it...
Heal wounds disregarded,
Live like your true self,
A self you have yet to meet.
And ain’t no politics that can change that.
Ain’t no greed that can change that, lord.

--Nicholas  P., Adult