A Gift Revealed

I’m startled to see them;
Horrified really

Lined with deep purple.
So painfully robbed of youth.

They’re entirely alien.
And yet, somehow familiar.

For these, too, are May-born; and have
Worn the symbols of love and marriage;
Cradled and raised four sons and a daughter;
Taught children to read and do sums;
Stroked and held beloved pets;
Played with younger siblings;
Swum in the sea and sifted shells from the warm sand;
Planted and picked the fruits of gardens lovingly tended;
Set a welcoming table for family and friends;
Blessed and prayed over cherished children and grandchildren.

These, I recognize now,
Have become my grandma’s hands;
And suddenly, I’m grateful they are mine

--Carrie A., Adult