You're Meaningful

People these days, Just making you feel like you're disgusting. People go through this everyday, even me. The thing is, they just judge your look, or judge your opinions. The thing that happens is that you then hate yourself. It leads to trust problems, anxiety, and lastly, it might lead to depression. Depression can effect people very badly. It makes you upset, sad, stressed, and your head has all these thoughts. It's not you're fault, it's the people who made you feel like this. How bullies, how would you feel if someone did the things you do? Like if someone made you cry, how would you feel? Sad, I know, but that's what you guys do to others. You guys are making people want to die. Life isn't just to judge. It's to make others and yourself happy. Live your life happy, you're not alone, a lot of others are bullied, but stay strong. Stand up for yourself and others, and remember you matter in a bunch of people's lives. You're beautiful, you're capable, you can achieve big things, you are you, don't let others bring you down, just remember, you're meaningful

--Abby A., 3rd-6th Grade