You Showed Me What Love Is

Love Is. . . .
Eyes of sparkling emerald glass
His soul speaking through endless stares
Seeing me through the illumination of a rising sun

Love Is. . . .
Walking hand in hand along the Pier of Pismo Beach
Feeling soft winter breezes
Mist of salty ocean water
Lightly caressing our tender faces
Laughter shared
As we
Dodge the gliding seagulls that float above
Smelling the scent of fresh cooked clams and fried chips
My hair with its red and gold streaks
Flying behind us as we move through the crowds
Feeling your merciful eyes
Glance as I smile at the many people we pass by
You and I leaning against the old wood planks
Holding onto one another
As we feel the waves twisting below

Love Is. . . .
A long drive along the coast
Storm clouds closing in
On a midnight blue sky
Hearing our voices
Come together like intertwined seaweed
Becoming more in love
As we share moments of our day at the beach
And discussions of
Your mother's fight with breast cancer
My father's battle with bladder cancer
Together we realize someone else
Knows . . . . what love really is

--Barbara C., Adult