The Open World

We may not be able
To go to places like the pool or school.
But there is a place where you can wonder
Yet not the wild blue yonder.
If we open our eyes we’ll
See that it is right in front of us.
The Open World.
It greets us with a cool breeze
But a warm welcome.
When the wind comes it’s telling us
Yet the things inside can’t hear the
Earth’s call because they are sealed to their world.
The sun greets us with its bright grin.
So if you come on out you can see that there is no reason to pout when you are told to go out.
If you’re outside you can see as the plants
grow greener and the skies are clearer
It’s the Earth telling us that it is healthy.
And also a reminder for us to stay healthy too.
The weather is nice outside
So come take a look and let your mind go, to see,
The Open World.

--Benjamin A., 3rd-6th Grade