Red, White, and Virus Blues

I’m all locked up inside,

 And I can’t go out.

I sit alone in my room.

Thinking of life.

Will it come back soon?

No students in school,

Ain’t no body at work,

Except grocery store clerks

Nurses and doctors.

officers, first responders.

To each of you all,

I tip my hat, and say thanks,

Please get home to your families,

God, please keep them all safe.


You got me cryin’

These people are dyin’

I’m feeling like the Earth,

just don’t want me,

So, I shed a tear,

 Or two thousand twenty,

for the world,

And for my country.

I love all of my neighbors.

Every creed, every race.

And all my students,

let them graduate.

God if your listening,

Take this virus away.

No new deaths in the news.

No new cases today.

Covid-19, now look what you’ve done.

You took over our lives,

Went and ruined our fun.

I’ve already had you,

and you won’t finish me off

But I’ve shed two thousand twenty tears,

For this world, country and all.

But when it’s all said and done,

I’ll still be confused.

I’ll still be sitting alone,

Crying my virus blues. 

--Christopher V., Adult