Only Gained

Many people in this world do not understand
How anyone in their sane mind believes a God made man
Scientists do bicker
And teachers preach away
This world could never be created in just seven days

Apart from school and science
Contention fills the streets
As people say there is no way a God could care for me
Why all of the suffering?
Why all of the pain?
This only can be evidence to say there is no way

You’ve got to be naive to think that there exists a Man
Who left His home to come to Earth and die for us, what a plan!
Yet others think what is the point of believing in a God?
I’m living life the way I want and I’m not doing wrong

When contemplating life so far, I look back and can see
That whenever I needed Him, God was there for me
How do those who do not trust in a God who cares
Cope with the many ups and downs, the disasters and despair

By believing in a loving God who is just a prayer away
It only makes me a better soul, there is no price to pay
If He simply does not exist like many fervently claim
Then I have wasted nothing, I have only gained

If He really does exist then I will reach the end
And wear a golden crown with jewels, I won’t be filled with dread
I finally will get to see the just Man face-to-face
And thank Him for all He’s done to save me by His grace

For whoever these words are falling upon, do not waste more time
Believe in the only One who can heal your broken mind
And if, when it’s all over, there was no God to fear
Then you and I will not have lost, we were blessings here

--Emmanuelle I., Adult