I Met You Twice

I met you once
I met you twice
And from the start you’ve had my heart
This one is tricky, where shall I start?

I’ll take you back to our teens years
Although the memory is not so clear
I do remember our first kiss
I can still feel that heavenly bliss
Your lips so soft so warm
But your touch took me by storm

I lost you love, where did you go?
My heart was broken and alone
I said goodbye and wished you well
I thought this was for sure farewell

My stubborn soul, however, determined to await
Haunting my dreams without regret
Just waiting for that day
When the stars would align
God’s plan sure has the perfect time

That sweet Spring Day I met you twice
A simple Hello ignited a light
It quickly sparked a fire that broke out in flames
My love...Our love indeed has no end

A different time, a different air
Yet the love still is and will always be there

**Inspired by True Events**

--Celi C., Adult