Essential is he,
Harvesting nurtured sustenance.
Aloft with air, microscopic malevolence,
Breathing its sanctity to pollute.

Essential is she,
Ventilating a patient.
Infected within,
Waiting to multiply.

Essential they are,
Grocery clerks pushing tin across steel shelves.
Deterred by masks and gloves,
Hosts, they will not be.

Essential is the law,
Glinting badges on uniforms with hues of blue and sand.
Protecting citizens,
A virus stymied.

Essential are they,
The mature.
Living chapters of the past,
A book not yet ready to close.
An inquisitive young one,
Turning the history.
Dog-eared pages, questions asked.
Answers plumb, curiousity satisfied.

Essential we are,
Surviving with such uncertainty.
Chilling fear holding sway.
The eyes of our children,
Welling, scared for what is unknown.
Feeling their vision,
Offering smiles of absolute positivity.
Promise of resilience,
Intertwined with confidence.

Essential beings of medicine,
Snaring the molecule.
Dissecting its wickedness,
And the beauty of its ugliness,
Being equalized.
Then a hope realized.
The day has come,
Where all are together,
Essential as one.

--Noel G., Adult