Dark Roast on the Open Ocean

If we hadn’t met, I would be alone in this fossil Valley
of unseen farm land and cows you can smell from here.
Alone without family I now only laugh and fight with on Zoom.

I got free whole coffee beans from work, but no way to grind them.
You mentioned you’d get me a coffee grinder, but this pandemic leaves
has us all forgetful and scattered. So I choke down store bought
cold brew concoctions in the first days of Fresno dusty heat. Sea sick
from coffee, I am curious how we will sweat together in the endless sun.

They reopened some beaches where my family is, I am reminded
of what happened on Amity Island when they kept the beaches open.
Told you last night this feels like summer vacation, being with you.
We talk quietly of missing the ocean, but Jaws was once right here
in the Valley. He left his teeth buried on a hill nearby for us to find.

Ended up just getting that coffee grinder. But, you continue
to say things that surprise me, unexpected like the cleaner air
during a pandemic. So maybe until this is all over, we can sip
freshly ground coffee in what was once the bottom of the ocean.

--Grace G., Adult