Daddy I Love You

Growing up I never
Imagined a day without you

The touch of your rough hands
That smelled of car oil
Your rough beard
On my tender face
The smell of burning cedar
Will always remind me of you
Daddy I love you.

As I look back on the . . .

Spring afternoons
Swinging on the swing-set
In the back yard
The scent of grass freshly cut
And spring blossoms
Of flowers we planted a few months earlier.

Summer nights
Laying on the tasteless brown leather couch
With my head in your lap
And feeling your fingers run through my hair
While we watched JAWS as I placed
My hands over my eyes as I
Peeked through my fingers s with fear.

Fall afternoons
I leaned on the back of the couch
And fiddled with the fringe of the blanket
Gently laid across the back
Looking out of the window
Awaiting your arrival from
A day of fishing or hunting
Your hazel eyes sparkled
As you approached the door
You my daddy with gun in hand
Me awaiting the stories of the
Freezing temperatures
And no deer or fish to be caught.

Winter nights
I start the fire to
Get the house warm
For when you arrive home
Once you were settled
We made breakfast for dinner
And both dozed off to a re-run
Episode of MASH.


--Marcos C., Adult