3.The Marionette

Just like Geppetto, you created me.
Chipping away at the pieces that didn’t fit.... the pieces that didn’t belong.
You molded me, painted on my smile, dressed me up nicely, strung my arms and legs.... and before I knew it, I had become your marionette.
And to be quite honest with you, I couldn’t have been happier in that role.
You, guiding me through life as my puppeteer, but not just that.... were my protector as well.
You beamed with pride whenever you took me out to show me off, and I was all too proud to belong to you.
To be your marionette, do what u wanted me to do, be who you wanted me to be.
You loved me.... only ever wanted more for me, and I basked in all the love that you provided to me.
You urged me to grow, to be a better version of who I become a "real girl".
So....that's what I did.
I grew and I thrived and became the me that I now know.
Slowly my bark smoothed to become thick skin, and my strings started to pluck off one by one. And without your guidance, my moves started to belong to me and me alone.
I want to say that this story ends with a happily ever after, and it still can.
The thing we must discover now is how we can exist void of our roles as puppeteer and marionette.
How to exist, you as you and me as my very own me.

--Veronica C., Adult