What Matters Most

There will be a day when I look back
I hope to see a positive wake in my tracks
Knowing that I'll make more mistakes
Causes me worry to pump my brakes
I know I won't get it right my first chance
That's why I'm grateful that life offers more than one free dance
To stress or dwell they have no place
Never take life for a giant rat race
Move with ease and take deep breaths
Be a beast and pound on your chest
Open your eyes you better stay focused
Count your blessings and you will find purpose
So take these moments far and wide
Share the secrets you keep hidden inside
Like is a lesson we learn freely
Take this knowledge and use it daily
Be proud of the person you see in the mirror
Eventually your path will become much clearer
Walk with faith and keep your back held straight
Be on time and life will show you your fate
Opportunities will come and they will pass
Take some chances and make the seconds last
Know thyself, yes this is true
Be sure to see everything through
So stay humble and stay grounded
Keep your head in the clouds and your feet well planted
So when you look back you'll see a life well worth it
And make sure to remind yourself that you do deserve it
These are the lessons of life's journey
So carry them for all of eternity

--Nolan T., Adult