This is the day

This is the day, I thank God,
for the wonderful sun in my eyes,
without the sun, we would have no brightness of the skies,
nor darkness of night, nor rest for our bodies.
I thank God for all of this.
I look across this land, and know, he has a far, reaching plan,
from the day the earth took shape, we couldn’t escape,
from his arms that shelter us from the storm.
His strength and love takes us through another day.
At times we have had tears, mingled together with fear,
then God gives endurance to our heart and the very core of our soul.
He eases out hurt of regret and makes the surface clean once again.
He gives bright sunny waves of warmth,
throws off the painful hours of night, where your mind races as you lay awake,
until the morning light, worrying what tomorrow will bring.
Then God gives us days of long ago spring.
We look at our children’s faces, love pouring out,
the wonders that God gives us, makes me want to shout.
The friendship of our neighbor, caring each day, even while we are away.
He gives us the appreciation of each day’s worth.
I thank him for my foundations of life, knowing there’s always beautiful remembrance,
of building dreams and creating a simple way of living.
Thanking him for teaching us how to have,
integrity, passion, and traditions, that our children can carry on.
Sometimes promises are measured by simplicity.
God’s revealing love is really all we need,
we need to acknowledge that love each day.

--Ollie Mae M., Adult