South Park, Oxford after sunrise in January

Brown leaves once red
rot, scattered everywhere
Green grass frosted white,
wedding of dew and frozen morning air
Either live beautiful or die
there is no half alive
Eyes up and the world grows
draws close
but cannot be touched
cannot be kept, cannot even be held
can only be loved
then the heart must turn away.
When eyes bring the vision back
on another day
something is missing
the vision lacks
like leaves, falls and rots.
Do not return, do not go back
it will not be, it cannot be
the same.
Let wild be wild
do not make it tame
so that you may keep it.
Love it, and leave it beautiful.
Let leaves fall. Let grass freeze.
Live or die, live or die,
always self, always wild
Its death will not kill you
Its life will not help you live
Soon, achingly soon, water and air will make us all
frosted white

--Jillian S., Adult