Depending on sources of misinformation
Leaders falter from lack of action
Resulting in in a roller coaster of emotions
A true sense of direction is lost
Heroes struggle from the frontlines
Resources are in short supply
But, death does not wait on line
What will be the ultimate cost
Perceived reality has turned to fiction
Lies have replaced rational intuition
Passive Aggressive is the new realization
Legitimate ideas have been tossed
Science versus real world has divided us
Belief in either is not a plus
Where should we put our trust
So it won’t be lost?
The strong have said to sacrifice the weak
That answer is, at best, bleak
Thoughts need to be tweaked
Where is the line truly crossed?
Sacrificing one life for another is too much to bare
The greater good is stronger with all that care
Is there one answer that is fair?
We won’t know until the final shot

--Craig W., Adult