Falling Into a Dream

Falling into dream where everything feels so real capturing this vision in the eyes of my own reflection in a mirror and stepping into the dimensions to a different world.

Filled with love and compassion no hospitals policeman's or prison walls, no political corruption or Babylonian religious committing the unpardonable sin against the word of God.

Tears of joy are starting to fall from within my eyes praying on to Father of the heavens above the clouds in the sky, saying could this be Your love from above and if this is a dream I don't wanna wake up.

Could this be real that all the animals that I see are living in peace, could it be a find out who that I am feeling the love of the Lion laying next to the lamb; Oh my Lord God could this be the beauty of heaven.

In light of all the people that I see walking around and living in harmony showing love and compassion for each other and thy enemies, is this the freedom of the Kingdom Iike how God mentions it will be.

Fear is starting to grow from within my mind, heart, body, and soul understanding the ways of Thee Almighty Lord thy God, as I come to bear witness of the Sabbath acknowledgments of the fourth commandment given unto Moses set in stone on the tablets, seeing everyone around the world pull away from their inequities, disobedience and transgressions obeying the ways of the laws of God.

Now and forevermore with no engagements of war or news of killing in the streets, and nothing even mentioned about weather devastation just crystal blue waters and beautiful colorful flowers with the birds singing in the trees.

Not a single soul working and everyone paying tribute to a day of worship, in the light of the Sabbath day in unity with Thee Almighty King of Kings.

Suddenly a shivering quivering feeling comes over my body like a thief in the night, waking up with goosebumps on my skin as I felt the Holy Spirit of the wind of Our Lord Savior Jesus Christ.

To the scri

--Manuel S., Adult