Age of Uncertainty

An age of uncertainty seems to be here,
With its ghostly appearance creating much fear.
Coming upon us like the first winter’s storm,
Disrupting our lives and upsetting the norm.

A disease so deadly,
Passing from animal to man.
Causing a global pandemic,
Resulting in social ban.

During this time tens of thousands will have passed,
Not knowing how much longer COVID-19 will last.
Mankind is not meant to shelter-in-place,
As we want to live free, moving at our own pace.

The politics of this virus has many afraid,
Because you never know how decisions are made.
Nation, state and city-by-city there’s a plan,
The fate of all is in the hands of man.

Will the right thing be done, and by who?
For really the answers are held by a few.
Build up herd immunity and develop a vaccine,
So we can battle this foe that is so unseen.

Humans have been through much in our living history,
What needs to be done is not really a mystery.
Here’s hoping that we’ve learned great lessons in life,
By being kinder to people, not creating more strife.

Here in America we have a spirit of survival,
No doubt we’ll achieve an economic and life revival.
So let us band together, acting as one,
To conquer this enemy until it is done!

--Alan K., Adult