When Karen Dies

What all will be lost
when her life’s light flickers its last?
What creation will to dust return
when what used to churn out
original thought, ideas and action
becomes just one more temple
burned to ashes?

Sensing the end,
heightened emotions pervade
her waking hours:
Regret for unaccomplished tasks;
Fear of the unknown;
as manifested in that god-awful screaming
alone in the garage.

The collage of days and nights
now passes painstakingly by,
as does the realization
that birth and death are wrapped
in one package,
inseparably separated
by the mere lapse of time.
Her most empathic powers
only occasionally bring peace of mind.
Amidst the gloom and decay,
one inescapable conclusion looms:
This life could not have unfolded
in any other way.

What will the world ever be again
when Karen dies,
when that curious glance is
gone too soon from her eyes?

--Pete M., Adult