The Trusted Word

There is told of a Spiritual gold
We can claim,
It can’t be found in the ground,
It is in a name!

We can share what’s in a prayer,
Borrowed from a  need,
Pushing aside our selfish pride,
Denying self from greed.

We can share a bounty of care,
Coming along side,
By raising and gratefully praising,
Open our arms wide!

In the final hour, not by our power,
We can claim the prize!
The thought  that we have caught,
Appears before our eyes.

It has occurred, that ancient word
Has become real,
Grace has arrived, hope survived,
Our wounds will heal!

Without hope we can’t cope
With trials and strife,
The spirit abound, while all around,
We’ve a new life.

That life we embrace as we face
A future that is sealed,
Now sure and very secure,
An eternity now revealed!

From the start, my open heart
Trusted the word,
He showed the way, from that day,
My soul  concurred!

As you get near it and the spirit
Joins in your space,
Your soul will leap and you will keep
An appointment with grace!

--Charles H., Adult