Thank You David Muir

David Muir makes me cry

David Muir make me smile

Every night he has “America Strong”

And our hearts swell with

Love and compassion that lasts

For quite a while

The World War II soldier that carried

A picture of a French girl he hoped to find

His first love, and we saw with tears in their eyes

That love could stand the test of time

We saw the great courage

Of the man on quite a quest

Born without arms or legs, the students he coached

At football, who admired and loved him

For he was determine to bring out their best

The mom who received a letter

From her deployed young soldier son

He needed to replace his worn sneakers

So she founded a non-profit “Sneakers for Soldiers”

And we saw all the smiling faces

Of soldiers and new shoes, all the hearts she had won

The boy with the lemonade stand

Earning money to take his widowed mom on a date

The man giving the lady struggling with groceries

A car ride home in the heat

The young man learning the box jump

Born without arms needed for balance

We know success will be their fate

Every night we listen with awe

Of the kindness, tenacity and great pride

For the bounty of human spirit

That knows no boundaries

Of their stories nationwide

So I thank you David Muir

For showing all the wonder

Of the love we can find in this world

You leave us every night

With hope for our souls to ponder

--Patsy C., Adult