Old Glory

Have you stood beside Old Glory
To hear her whipping in the wind
She tells this nation's story
Time and yet again

Have you listened with your heart
To what she has to say
The years through which she*s traveled
To wave in pride today

At times she flies in silence
Her stars become her eyes
She*s flown over foreign soil
A goal to realize

She flew that day in Washington
Over Martin Luther King
And flew in Oklahoma
Over tragedy unseen

She was hoisted upon the rubble
When the towers they did fall
Not a cry shall be forgotten
For she has heard them all

She greets soldiers into battle
And thanks them more than any other
And when for her beauty their lives they give
It is she that grants them cover

For those who don*t respect her
I can only grant you shame
This great symbol of our country
Old Glory be her name

But those of wise and those of pride
Come listen close to me
And hold Old Glory deep inside
Your hearts I beg of thee

--Jeff J., Adult