I Rise

Today I Rise! My Faith rises and transcends the heavens. My Hope Rises like the sun does every morning but it does not set at the end of the day. My prayers rise to the the Father where He blesses them in His Divine grace. I Rise and I am given strength! I Rise and fight! I Rise and Serve! I Rise and Love others with the same Christ like love that He gives me! I Rise and Live! I Rise and see! Not as a blind man, but as though I am seeing Jesus for the first time everyday. I Rise, hearing the words of God, the voice of the Spirit speak to my heart and it fills my soul! I Rise because I have been redeemed, set free and the shackles and chains that once held me have fallen away. I Rise because my ransom was paid on a cross that stood on a hill called Calvary. I Rise.... I Rise and forgive others because I am showered with the mighty Forgiveness That Christ Jesus gave and gives to me ! I Rise.... I Rise.... I Rise and I am His! The author and creator of my life who loves me madly and deeply. I Rise!

--Phoebe Grace G., Adult