How Do I Beat You Dementia?

I witnessed what you did to my mother
So invasive -go away with me don’t bother

Hereditary is what they say!
Make a quick visit---but please don’t stay

His will was to spare her to not remember it all
Or very unpleasant memories that would of caused her to fall

So many great memories with her once were
But look what’s she’s become It’s not her

That look of confusion---caused me many tears
Remembering everything she had accomplished throughout the years

Forgot how to smile eat and talk
Fear with uncertainty when we went for a walk

Memory of her husband 8 children was there no more
Became so vague was swept ashore

Little reaction to the outside world she saw with love
The flowers,the butterflies the trees and the dove

Assertive at times---confusion and so much anger
Trapped in that body---who can a blame her

Mathew 18:3 it’s in the book of wisdom
His purpose---to be childlike to inherit his kingdom

Took Consuelo by the hand at one fifty seven
Said “Pain for you no more you’re going to heaven”

Maybe a cure will never be
A part of his plan? All a mystery

R.I.P. Consuelo Solis Gamez

--Maria G., Adult