Where I'm From

Where I’m from life isn’t too great.
Carbon, gas, smoke, soot,
And at this rate
you’ll get the boot.
Life on earth won’t be all there
With all these chemicals in the air.

Where I’m from people love to share.
“Have you seen that girl with the new hair?”
“she doesn’t really look good in it”
“But at least she feels good in it.”
And that’s all that matters right?
But it’s not their opinion to put in it.

Where I’m from, in our house many discussions are made.
Sometimes we don’t agree on everything,
But that’s okay
Because families aren’t perfect and you can’t do what you may.

In our backyard our families gather.
That’s the only time we feel at peace.
And even then there may be some bother
That needs to be solved piece by piece.

In my neighborhood children aren’t running up and down the streets
And to be honest it’s just quiet and bleak.
Children on the floor playing PS4
Sitting there as their muscles go weak.
Oh, how life has turned to a bore.
It just isn’t like it was before.

Where I’m from they say, “we have to do something about this!”
“Our world is ending and the climate is changing!”
By the time we know it our world will be destroyed
And not in a natural way but because of our own doing.

Where I’m from some are trying to make the world a better place.
Others just have a negative opinion on this race.
These are the people that are ending this
And they have no idea that it’s such a big crisis.
So think about it when you’re walking out of your house
And make every decision count.

-- Adriana P., 9th-12th Grade