The Humans

I look at the humans and shake my head
“They’re the worst thing you created,” I said
She laughed, “how so? They’re not so bad.”
“Not so bad? They’ve destroyed half of my planet! isn’t that sad?
They destroy everything with a blind rage.”
“So? they are children they will learn.”
She grew angry with each passing word
I scoffed, “ if they have that much time I don’t want to stick around.
The beautiful world I made for them is almost gone.”
How long will it take them to realize this? 
Far to long.”
The longer they’re alive the more they kill
And yet not thrive
The older their species gets 
The bigger the threats.” 
“Enough!” She burst
“Do not make me throw you out as I did to the rest.”
“You are in no position to talk.”
I growled, “heed my words mistress. 
And heed them well
Because this is the only time they will swell.
Earth is the host 
As the humans are a virus
They both strive to survive
But there is only one way this story will end.
But this is my question,
Who will die first in this unworthy selection?
But either way It does not matter.
So for your sake I hope you’ve thought this through.
Now I take my leave and take it well.
I hope your night will be swell, 
As I hope my words do not sting too deep.
And I hope I got into your minds eye
That making humans was a big mistake.
But there is nothing we can do now
Now we must wait and see 
How they will destruct thee.”
She stood speechless as I walked away 
Revealing myself was not okay
But I can now leave with clear thoughts
And a hope that she will understand. 
But until then I am stuck 
In a never ending rut.
And with those parting thoughts in my mind
I fell into the hot thick of time.

-- Danyka R., 9th-12th Grade