the elephant

She was the largest animal at the zoo
and she stared morosely at me and you
How could we leave her there, so blue, 
And staying mere strangers, simply passing through?

So at night, we returned to set her free
But when we arrived, the cage was empty
We searched for her, across many miles, and many feet
and finally, we found her walking down the street.

We brought her home, while she carried on trumpeting
And behind her she left gigantic footprints bumbling
She seemed so happy that night, free and triumphant
The affection we each felt was overpowering and abundant.

She stayed in our backyard until the morning
As the sun rose, she was tense, as if she received a warning
And she trumpeted once more, as if she was mourning
The loss of the two of us, and our spirits soaring.

There was a fierce knock on our door at 8 AM exactly
A police officer had come, and said we had hid her badly
And he asked if we would surrender her, and we did, sadly
For we could not take care of her, not in this arid valley

The majestic elephant started again with her song
And the officer told us what we had done was wrong
"She's a wild animal, she can't be out here this long,
she is not a toy that you can simply string along."

She seemed even more depressed as they took her away
They would put her back in her cage for the rest of her days
She would not come out, and she definitely would not play
And we could only visit her on certain holidays

So that is how this story came to be
The story of the elephant, you, and me
She was a lovely creature, but nobody
Would let her outside, to be wild and free.

-- Ryan H., 9th-12th Grade