Someday I Will

Someday I will hug my mom again.
She works hard to save the day,
my dad says.
Walking as a hero down unhappy hallways.

Someday I will see my friends again.
We used to laugh making art,
I remember.
Now we smile six feet apart.

Someday I will go to school again.
The bells still ring in a chime,
I hear.
Unused classes releasing for lunchtime.

Someday I will play on the beach again.
The waves rolling on a empty seashore, they bubble.
The ocean is able to restore.

Someday I will see the sky clear.
Gray clouds are no longer near,
I breathe.
Each day I have had unneeded fear.

But today now I know,
Mother Earth just needed to say hello.

-- Cassandra E., 9th-12th Grade