Satanic Surge. (A cautionary tale)

The day of judgement's here.
A lifetime you've been waiting.
Your day of destiny,
you've been anticipating.

A chosen few,
have been chosen to,
defend the human race.

But in the trial,
of your sheltered life,
you gladly state your case.

As God looks back into the past,
and sees what you have done.
He smiles and you surely know,
your quest for Heaven's done.

And so you spend eternity,
beyond St. Peter's gate.
The way you played the Jesus freak,
I could predict your fate.

But I was on the other side,
of the scales of good and bad.
I lived my life to it's highest peak,
with the little time I had.

As I recall when I was young,
I let my soul go free.
Free to vanish wandering,
no longer part of me.

A strange thing seemes to happen then,
a strange Satanic surge
was building up inside of me,
where good and bad would merge.

And evil seemed to dominate,
my whole entire life.
My head was filled with violence.
My body, storm and strife.

So, now I'm gonna see the man,
responsible for this.
And to my mortal soul I bid,
a parting farewell kiss.

For now there is no looking back,
into my mortal life
No memories of childhood,
of kids, or even wife.

For I have tracked the path to Hell.
And Satan's here with me.
Laughingly, he has my soul,
kept under lock and key.

So now I spend
the rest of time,
in the heat of Satan's Hell.
Past the point of insanity,
I guess that's just as well.

But just remember this my friends,
don't let your soul go free.
You'll feel a small Satanic surge,
And soon be here with me...

--William J., Adult