Nature Should be Cherished and Embraced to the Best Of Our Abilities, Not Mistreated

Nature is the most mesmerizing and beautifully crafted piece of art to exist,
And filled with endless wonders and possibilities,
Capable of inspiring each and every one of us to dismiss,
The frequent negativity displayed in the world,
And to indulge in the natural serene beauty it so ravishingly holds

The devastating destruction that has befallen upon our most precious sights,
Will continue to rapidly go on and on,
Until some of the most beautiful places will be unrecognizable in our eyes,
And we forever damage this place we call home

Every single ocean, mountain, river, forest, and every stretch of land,
Has boundless amounts of value and worth,
That of which not one of us could possibly understand,
No matter how much we may truly cherish this Earth

All the rich history that is rooted within the ground that we walk on,
Must be preserved and never once neglected,
So the generations to come,
Will understand the importance in keeping our Earth’s greenery protected

This unique and gorgeous environment that is home to various species,
Can no longer continue to be threatened,
So these majestic animals may unworriedly roam free,
In a place where external threats are lessened

The pollution and contamination that is happening so regularly from the south to the north,
Must be somehow controlled,
In order for the detailed canvas God has created that we call nature, to continue forth,
Not for one moment must we take this stunning and remarkable place for granted,
Because of how much merriment and encouragement every morsel of nature can provide,
For us human beings to take advantage of, and stimulate change worldwide

-- Krisalynn T., 9th-12th Grade