Breathe in Spite of

You don't deserve this breath,
You don't deserve this... ,
You don't (inhales) ,
I deserve this (inhales),
Because everytime I breathe it’s in spite of you,
I show you that i'm not broken,
I'm not scared,
Everytime I breathe images race in my head… forming this classical movie of every hit you threw,
Every word you screamed … with the goal of striking terror in my heart,
Breaking the walls that took me so long to build,
But with seconds in your hands they crumble with fear,
With every look you send my way in hopes of sucking the oxygen out of my lungs,
To deprive me of my natural born gift,
I say to myself in hope of believing it…,
I am not broken,
I am simply (inhales)......,
Everytime i breath it's in spite of you,
So i will go on day after day opening my eyes breathing in the the sweet smell of oxygen,
As if I was being reborn,
Creating a new me everyday,
I grow strong to show you that i am not weak,
To show you that I am not useless,
To show you that I may be a product of your hatred,
But I will never allow myself to be swallowed whole by the words that once had me running,
And yet in some way I will forever be attached to you,
I will forever be the little girl in the corner,
Praying to make it another day,
Praying that i will wake up and be able to taste the sweet cold mint air in my lungs,
But I will continue,
Continue to carry the little girl who once hid in the corner on my back …. a victim,
I will carry her to safety,
She will no longer live as a victim of your abuse,
But her own savior

-- Melissa M., 9th-12th Grade